This Kale & Cabbage Slaw Is Perfect On Its Own Or As A Topping

It’s amazing how the simple act of thin slicing and adding a perfect dressing can totally transform a pile of vegetables into something special, and this slaw is exactly that.

“This slaw reminds me of kale’s trendy goodness every time I make it,” writes Tara “Teaspoon” Bench, a former food editor and stylist for Martha Stewart, in her new cookbook Live Life Deliciously. “I slice the kale thinly, then let it marinate in dressing for a few minutes. The vinegar softens the hearty, cruciferous leaves and makes them tender yet still crunchy.”

And the crowning glory of this dish is the homemade cilantro-lime dressing. “It is so luscious, and the spice is perfectly balanced,” writes Bench. “No salad is safe when this dressing is on hand! I drizzle it on anything relatively green served in a bowl and even use it for a marinade for chicken or skirt steak.”

One of our favorite things about slaws, like this zesty dressing, is their versatility: while they may be a great side dish, they’re also a lovely addition to top salads and more—a trait Bench has some advice to take advantage of: “This kale slaw can hold its own out of the bowl, but it’s also great as a slaw for tacos, awesome with black beans and grilled chicken.”

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