Thinking About Living Alone? Here’s How To Do It & Thrive

It’s natural to feel a bit nervous when contemplating a significant life change. “Living alone, especially if it’s for the first time or even after a transition, can be a very emotional experience,” says Rikki Clark McCoy, LCSW. “There may be feelings of sadness or loneliness, but living alone can also be a time of learning to love yourself.”

Your home is your refuge. It should be a place where you feel safe and comfortable. If you live with other people and don’t feel this way, it’s a key indicator that the time has come to get your own place.

You may just have a strong desire for more peace and quiet or sense that you’ve outgrown your current environment. Maybe sharing your body wash with someone was always fine, but now it bothers you. If it seems that everything everyone in the house is doing annoys you, that could be a sign that it’s time to go as well. Spare them your unwarranted wrath, and spare yourself the unnecessary agony. You could also be perfectly content with your housemates but are just ready to cultivate more independence.

Give yourself some time to sit with the decision if your situation allows. No need to be hasty if you’re in healthy surroundings. If you want to test the waters just a little bit, stay in a hotel room or an Airbnb apartment by yourself for a few days to see how you like the solitude.

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