These Are The Staples That Fuel Us Everyday

Many years ago—also known as this past January—I would have told you I woke up at 5.30am every day, got a workout in, and had plenty of time to make a smoothie, oatmeal, or eggs before getting myself into the office. Then at some point mid-April, I started to embrace “the sleep in”. Morning movement is a priority, but with a later start, I found I had a lot less time for daily breakfast prep before I had to jump on my laptop and start the day.

I am not a breakfast-skipper, so I decided to spend a little time on a Sunday afternoon to prep breakfast for the whole week. To make it easy (it is Sunday, after all), I use Purely Elizabeth’s delicious new Grain-Free Collagen Bread + Muffin Mix to whip up carrot and raisin, banana, or blueberry lemon muffins for the week ahead.

Christin Powers, Operations Project Manager at Purely Elizabeth

As a true Southern gal, nothing beats a stack of thick, fluffy waffles. I make sure to visit the local farm and grab strawberries picked that morning, or if the season is right, the local peaches will make your mouth water (did I mention I was Southern?). I like to slice up the fruit and add a generous helping on top of the waffles (with our new Pancake + Waffle mixes, my waffle game has leveled up considerably). For a touch of sweet, here’s a southern secret: Combine a knob of butter (plant based if you like!) and a dash of molasses for a rich + luscious drizzle atop your mountain of waffles (assuming yours also resembles a mountain).

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