The Zodiac Sign That Will Have The Luckiest 2021: Aquarius

By nature, Aquarius is a future-thinking, innovative sign that’s all about creating things for the betterment of society. They’re the scientists, engineers, and teachers of the zodiac. With Jupiter and Saturn in their sign for most of 2021, Aquarians will feel a jolt of creative energy and positive momentum to bring their altruistic visions to life.

In order to recognize this inspiration as it comes, you’ll need to stay open and receptive. Mentally, this means keeping the brain sharp yet calm with practices like meditation and breathwork. Physically, eating healthy, whole-food meals has never been more important. (Could this be the year you give the Mediterranean Diet a go?) The Twins also say that monitoring caffeine and alcohol intake could be key and recommend using “apps to track food and sleep, especially near the eclipses on May 26, November 19 and December 4.”

“You could feel quite energetic [this year],” they add. “While you may be in beast mode, go easy on your joints. Be vigilant about warming up and stretching to avoid injury. If you’re a runner or weightlifter, swap in yoga or other low-impact workouts. Since Saturn rules the skin, bones, and teeth, these body parts may require extra TLC”

While this will be a pretty self-contained year for Water Bearers (you’ll be busy toiling away at your grand vision, after all), you could also have some luck in the love and friendship department. Ophira and Tali say that June 10, in particular, will be a good day for relationships, writing, “under the Gemini solar (new moon) eclipse, you could unite with a soulmate, propose to the LOYL or leap toward another milestone like making babies or buying land together to turn into a retreat center.”

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