The Secret To The Tastiest Plant-Based Taquitos? Hint: It’s About The Dip

There’s no shortage of fun on Super Bowl Sunday…but let’s be honest: What would the big game, commercials, and halftime show be without snacks? As central as food is to the occasion, all the chips and dips can get old. So this year, we’re subbing in snacks we can feel great about, like this Plant-Based Taquito recipe. Served with a nondairy queso for dipping, you have yourself an MVP.

Filled with a plant-based mixture and served with Primal Kitchen No Dairy Queso Style Plant Based Dip, these little roll-ups promise a kick. Queso makes everything better, only this Primal Kitchen specialty is made with pumpkin seed butter and a hint of jalapeño to keep things flavorful, sugar-free, vegan, Keto Certified, and Whole30Approved®. Bring these to the party, and you’ll have plenty of fans.

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