The Rock Shares His Chest Workout for “Black Adam”

In recent weeks, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been putting the sweat equity into his gym, “The Iron Paradise,” while preparing to film Marvel’s next major movie “Black Adam.”

The Rock actually gave a rare insight into that prep in a recent Instagram post. As you can see in the video, the former WWE champion, at age 48, looks as great as he ever has.

Johnson even went as far as to share part of his training split with this video update. He spoke about his chest and triceps workout as well as included in the caption of the video. He’s been known to train similar to a traditional bodybuilding style, but as he is closing in on the beginning of production for the movie, he’s transitioned to a circuit-style workout. Below is his summary of the chest portion of this particular training day.

Chest Circuit: 3 circuits of each exercise with no rest in between.

  • Machine Flye Machine
  • Chest Press Incline Press
  • Bodyweight Dips to Failure

As for rest in between those circuits, Johnson advises the following: “Keep the rest at a minimum, just enough to recover.”

The rep range wasn’t revealed, but Johnson isn’t known to perform low reps very often. In another post he had shared, he performs an incline machine press for 20 total reps. Going with a rep range of 15 to 20 reps could be considered a logical choice.

As for the triceps portion of the session, the only details he shared is that he focuses on training all three heads of the muscle in the back of the upper arm. He does state that he follows the same principles as he would with chest. So if you were to pick four exercises that focus on the triceps, it could be something similar to these. You could do three circuits of these movements while following the same possible rep range of 10-20 for each exercise.

  • Pushups with Hands Close
  • Two Arm Overhead Extension
  • Reverse-grip Pushdown
  • Rope Pushdown

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