The One Yoga Pose You Should Do After Eating A Big Meal

The holidays are by far my favorite time of year—the food is reason enough to get excited. There’s something so inviting about a table set with various dishes and flavors, even though time spent with loved ones looks different this year.The only downside? I, like most people I know, tend to overdo it with my portions and often end up with a stomach ache after plate number three. (What can I say? I’m human.)

As a yogi, I turn to my mat to aid my body, especially during the holidays, when the desire to taste every flavor profile can easily overwhelm my digestive system. Not only does movement seem to help my digestion, but it also gets me back to feeling energized (and, of course, ready for dessert).

If you too tend to splurge a bit too much during the holiday season, I highly recommend working some yoga into your after dinner plans. In particular, I suggest giving the below asana a try—it’s my go-to pose after I eat any sort of large meal. Here’s how to do a supported seated forward fold.

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