The Most Important Parts Of A Home To Keep Clean In Feng Shui

A home attracts its energy, or chi, through the front door. That’s why this area is probably the most important spot to get right in feng shui. The more clean, vibrant, and welcoming the front door, the better the quality of the chi for residents.

I decided to paint mine a bright orange color in order to attract vibrant energy (bonus, this color never looks dirty or aged), but you can decorate your door according to the element that corresponds to the gua it’s in. (Here’s an introduction to bagua maps if they’re new to you, and this resource will show you which gua your front door is located in.)

Lighting should be bright enough so that your porch or front door stand out. Make sure your house number is very visible from the street or, if you live in an apartment, visible from the hallway. Treat “chi” like a guest who is searching their way to your home. 

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