‘The Most Dangerous Game’ Trailer: The Hunt Is On

‘The Most Dangerous Game’ Trailer: The Hunt Is On

Picture this: You’re sailing on a yacht in the Caribbean, you step out on deck to get some fresh air in the middle of the night, and you fall overboard. Fortunately, you wash ashore on a picturesque private island. Once there, you get entertained by the island’s wealthy owner, then are set free to explore. There’s just one catch: The owner is a psychopath, he loves to hunt, and you are the animal he’s hunting. Sound familiar? That’s the rough premise for The Most Dangerous Game, the famed short story published in 1924 and later adapted into a film in the 1930s. Nearly a century later, the story is once again being adapted for the big screen, and the first trailer for the new version just dropped today.

The 2022 remake of The Most Dangerous Game introduces a slight twist on the classic story: According to Deadline, it opens with a father and son washing ashore on the private island after their ship capsizes. They soon meet the island’s owner, Baron Von Wolf, and he helpfully lays out their predicament: The island is his private game preserve where he hunts human beings. Not exactly an idyllic island escape. The only thing worse than being hunted by a maniac with a rifle might be listening to him talk—Baron Von Wolf is played by Casper Van Dien, and his accent sounds absolutely ridiculous.

Van Dien is joined by castmates Tom Berenger, Chris “CT” Tamburello, Bruce Dern (a two-time Oscar nominee), and Judd Nelson (you might recognize him from the ’80s classic The Breakfast Club). As father and son try to escape with their lives, they encounter Berenger’s character, an older man who has been hiding out on the island and is slowly going insane. Helpful!

As you’d expect, the trailer shows plenty of intense action and fight scenes as the human “prey” work to evade their captor. The performances don’t exactly look Oscar-caliber, but if you’re a fan of the story—or the ’30s film—it’s definitely worth a watch. You can view the full trailer above.

The Most Dangerous Game premieres in select theaters and on demand on Aug. 5.

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