The Mediterranean Diet Is This Year’s Best Overall Diet (Again)

But in 2020, there’s one particular question on our mind: does this diet support immunity? At the base level, as Katz points out, what eating nutritious, whole foods is key to our overall health. But what about beyond that?

“Human studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet has some anti-inflammatory effects,” Hultin tells mindbodygreen. “Chronic inflammation in the body can impair the immune system, so there could be a potential link there.”

Though the immune-supporting power of the diet may not be clinically proven, those whole foods definitely contribute to health perks. “There are also a lot of different vitamins and minerals that various systems in the body need to work optimally for a vibrant immune defense including vitamins A, C, E, and D, iron, zinc, and folic acid—to name a few,” explains Hultin, “Because the Mediterranean diet is so rich in vegetables and fruit, whole grains, and foods that contain healthy fats like olives, nuts, and seeds, it can help supply many of these nutrients.”

When we spoke with Katz, he advised actionable items for ensuring your nutrition is supporting your immunity—and conveniently, some of those bits of advice line up near perfectly with the Mediterranean diet:

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