The Frame Review: Digital Art-Enabled Smart TV

The Frame Review: Digital Art-Enabled Smart TV

The 2022 Frame also includes the new Smart Hub platform, which allows for a seamless transition between categories—Media, Gaming and Art—letting users focus on various in-home activities.

The SolarCell remote, which comes with the 2022 Frame, is 88 percent more efficient than the previous models, completely battery-free, and can now be charged through 2.4GHz radio frequency harvesting, drawing power from spare energy emitted by Wi-Fi routers.

With EyeComfort Mode, depending on the time of day, the Quantum Processor optimizes the picture, tuning brightness and color temperature to make the viewing experience a lot more pleasant for the consumer.

There’s also upgraded sound with additional top speakers.

Editor’s note: Piggybacking on the sound upgrade, the 2022 iteration has dedicated up-firing speakers and now supports Dolby Atmos technology so you get that immersive, theater-quality surround sound. Moreover, The Frame boasts Object Tracking Sound, so you’ll get 3D audio that “moves” with on-screen action for a more captivating experience.

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What should someone know about art options? Any inside tips on making the most of The Frame’s capabilities?

It’s easy to browse, discover, and download from the new and improved Art Store [from $4.99/per month], which now features over 2,400 classic and modern masterpieces, as well as stunning digital art and photography from galleries around the world. Collections are also professionally curated and organized to help you find your inspiration. The Art Store not only partners with artists all over the world but also has a dedicated The Louvre Collection so you can showcase renowned artwork from the most famous museum.

For a more personal approach, you can store up to 1,200 of your own images and customize them with five realistic mat backgrounds and 16 colors.

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