The Effects + 3 Easy Hair Care Tips To Help

Have you ever gone to a new area, taken a rinse, and thought, Huh, my hair just feels different? Perhaps it’s a good thing: It’s softer, bouncier, hydrated, and full of life; or all of a sudden your strands are flat, dry, and even feel a little—what is that?—gritty? What you’re feeling is the difference between hard and soft water, and with time it can absolutely make a difference for your strands and style. 

This query came up given our current and unique set of circumstances: Even if we’re all limiting our travel in general, quite a few of us have relocated (temporarily, permanently, or undecided) to new areas to be closer to family, be closer to nature, simply for a change of pace, or out of necessity. And with a new environment came changes to hair texture. 

Now, it’s not the most pressing thing to be concerned about right now, but if you find that your hair is responding differently to your new location, it’s not just in your head. So here’s what to know, and what to do about it.

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