The Best Way To Position Your Desk, According To Feng Shui

As Los Angeles–based interior designer Gabrielle Santiago explains to mbg, when we can’t see what’s entering our space, it creates a sense of exposure and distraction.

By this logic, it’s important to make sure your desk is facing a door. This way, you can easily spot anything going in and out. If that doesn’t make sense with the layout of your office space, try to at least avoid having your back to the door. You can also position a small mirror so you can see the door from where you’re sitting at your desk.

“We feel more balanced, productive, and secure when we can see firsthand what’s coming in and out,” Santiago adds. “Think of this like an elevator full of people; when we see the elevator is full, we tend to stand by the buttons because it’s a point of control, or with our backs against the wall because it’s the safest way for us to see everything.”

We subconsciously want to feel in control, she notes, and when we don’t, it can be challenging to fully engage with the work in front of us. With your desk (the focal point for productivity) facing the door, your subconscious will be more at ease.

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