The Best Facial Expression For Flirting, According To Research

Some women were more effective than others at making this flirty face, the researchers noted, and some men were better at recognizing it. But overall, the researchers described this combination of features as “highly recognized flirtatious expressions.”

“We found most men were able to recognize a certain female facial expression as representing flirting,” study co-author and psychology professor Omri Gillath, Ph.D., said in a news release. “It has a unique morphology, and it’s different from expressions that have similar features — for example, smiling — but aren’t identified by men as flirting expression.”

Notably, the flirtatious look didn’t necessarily involve a Duchenne smile, the type of smile that shows in your eyes and is known to be more authentic. These types of smiles may be interpreted as “too happy, potentially resulting in the expression being interpreted as purely friendly,” the researchers write in the paper on their findings.

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