The Benefits Of Adding Chocolate Collagen Powder To Iced Coffee

The Benefits Of Adding Chocolate Collagen Powder To Iced Coffee

But to go back to the morning sweet treat: If you are someone who likes to add a dash of sugar to your cold brew, mbg’s chocolate beauty & gut collagen+ is excellent in coffee. Not only is the collagen powder providing you all the benefits of the above, but it’s also made with premium organic cocoa powder and organic monk fruit extract.

The organic cocoa powder adds a rich, smooth (yet very subtle!) chocolate flavoring, but it’s not overpowering or decadently saccharine. The beans are sourced from South America, East Africa, and the Dominican Republic; these high-quality cocoa beans have been roasted and ground to retain the highest nutritional value. This is a clean, GMO-free, and delicious source of chocolate. Not to mention, cocoa powder is packed with flavanols, a special antioxidant often used in skin care.*

The organic monk fruit extract is a low-carb sweetener derived by clean, water extraction of 100% pure monk fruit, a botanical native to Asia (also known as luo han guo and “Buddha fruit”). Mogrosides, the unique compounds in monk fruit that deliver its natural sweetness, have antioxidant properties and are blood-sugar-friendly.* 

We’d be remiss not to mention all of the other nutrient and botanical ingredients in mbg’s powder: Along with the collagen, cocoa, and monk fruit extract, the blend is packed with the antioxidants vitamin C (read more about why that’s important here), vitamin E, turmeric, and SGS; plus, hyaluronic acid, L-glutamine, and biotin. The result is a premium daily blend that will provide the tools you need for a glowing, youthful appearance.* 

And it’s so easy: Add one scoop to your cold brew or iced coffee, give it a proper shake or stir for even distribution, and enjoy.

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