The 9 Best Korean Makeup Brands Of 2020 To Add To Cart

Korean beauty is known for pushing the envelope with cutting-edge formulas. This rings true for skin care, hair care, and, yes, makeup (hello, glass skin). Seoul, the capital, is a particular level of heaven for beauty lovers, as that’s where most of the makeup trends see first light before making their way across the Pacific. (In case you didn’t know, Korea was on the BB cream train long before it became a stateside sensation.) And in addition to adventurous, show-stopping shades, Korean makeup products typically come loaded with skin-supporting ingredients to offer a poreless-looking glow—think hyaluronic acid, green tea, glycerin, and the list goes on. 

At the end of the day, makeup should be enjoyable and transformative—Korean brands take this notion and run with it, offering innovative, playful packaging, textures that feel like butter, and colors that don’t play it safe. 

Here, some of the best Korean makeup brands to toss on your wishlist. 

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