The 3 Factors To Consider When Buying A Face Mask

Is there really a point in wearing a face mask if it’s not actually doing its job? According to the CDC, masks function at their highest when they have a proper fit, multiple layers of protection, and a washable fabric. The Outdoor Research face mask checks all three boxes. It’s designed with a polyester fabric that gives each user a customizable fit thanks to the double-core nose wire and adjustable ear loops. This allows users to get a snug fit all-around the face for the best protection. Plus, the center seam creates a lifted and contoured fit so your mask doesn’t slide up and down your face as you move and speak and you get a bit of breathing room while you wear. Fogged glasses be gone.

The best part is you can wear this while you work and play. Since the Outdoor Research team is full of active and outdoor-loving employees, you know that being able to wear a mask during physical activity was top of the list when it comes to design. Because the mask sits above your face, and not laying directly on top of it, you’ll find that it’s much easier and more comfortable to breathe in than other masks on the market. 

But one of the most unique functional designs is the built-in HeiQ V-Block. According to Sara Nazim, Outdoor Research Product Manager for Accessories, “this is an innovative Swiss antimicrobial technology which makes treated textiles resistant against spoilage from microbes.” In other words, this technology makes your mask extra-resistant to viruses and protects it from becoming bacteria-infested. HeiQ V-Block is also hypoallergenic and composed of 100% cosmetic ingredients so you don’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals coming in contact with your skin.

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