The 2021 Flower & Plant Of The Year: Sunflowers & Prayed Plants

Safe to say that the plant frenzy isn’t fizzling anytime soon. In 2021, longtime arrangement authority 1-800-Flowers predicts it’ll only be getting brighter.

For their annual Flower & Plant of the Year predictions, they’re signaling brighter days ahead with sunflowers and the Red Maranta Prayer Plant snagging the top slots of their houseplant hierarchy.

“Chosen for their symbolism of happiness and gratitude, the sunflower, which stands tall and radiates joy, and the Red Maranta Prayer Plant, with leaves that fold like hands in thankfulness, encourage us to connect with others and make the most of life’s special moments,” Alfred Palomares, the company’s VP of merchandising said in a statement. “Bright and spirited, both the flower and plant can bring these traits into the home as well.”

There are plenty of lessons to be learned from nature. While these colorful plants won’t save the world, they can serve as daily reminders that time is passing, things are growing, and—with any luck—we’re all in for some new leaves soon. If you’re inspired to bring these bright beauties into your space, here are some care tips to keep them around for longer.

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