The 10 Best Overnight Masks For Glowing Skin Of 2020

What if there was a skin care product that you applied, and like magic, eight or so hours later you woke up to all your most pressing skin woes were erased? If you go to bed with dry patches, you wake up to nothing but soft and supple skin. If you feel your complexion is appearing duller than normal, you wake up to a radiant glow. Blackheads and pimples become calm and clear.

So that’s what overnight masks intend to do. 

When overnight masks first became trendy (about a few years ago), my first reaction was an eye roll. Aren’t these just night creams? I sighed, Do we really need a new product category? But I was eventually won over: See, overnight masks are extra potent, far more so than your typical night product. These are active treatments that go well beyond what a standard night cream is formulated to do. As such they shouldn’t be used daily—use once or twice a week, like you would a normal mask. 

And why at night? Well, that’s because your skin goes through most of its regenerative cycle when you are sleeping; it’s also when your skin is most permeable. (There’s a reason they call it beauty sleep.) So the idea is that if you use a high active product while you rest, it will hopefully increase penetration and efficacy. Neat, huh? 

So now that I’ve made a case for night masks, here are our favorites—for all skin types and concerns.

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