The 10 Best Natural & Organic Hand Washes For Dry Skin

Over the past several months, we’ve come to consider ourselves hand washing experts around here. Not only are we doing it with increased frequency—as is everyone, I can probably safely assume—but we’ve also done the research to figure out how to best care for your skin and skin microbiome. See, while we’re diligent about safety measures during this time, we also care greatly about our overall skin health; and that means making sure you’re using the appropriate products that won’t disrupt your delicate flora or skin barrier.

With astonishing regularity, I’ll get messages from co-workers saying they found a new favorite hand wash they simply cannot live without now. And all of these Capital-G Great washes have a few things in common: They offer a moment of pause with an enriching sensorial experience and use hydrating, nurturing ingredients to help keep skin hydrated despite an increased washing schedule. 

So, here are some of our favorites. If you need a washing upgrade, you’re sure to find a fit here for any need and price point. 

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