Teenage Climate Activists Share Their Hopes & Plans For 2021

I am ecstatic that this administration not only acknowledges the issue of climate change but also has a comprehensive plan to tackle it. As a country, we cannot delay climate action any longer. In the first hundred days of the presidency, climate action is necessary. These efforts against the climate crisis must be made with care and conscience.

It is important that the climate plan acknowledges the disproportionate effects of climate on people of color and those of a lower socioeconomic status and does not leave these communities behind. Strides towards comprehensive climate education directed at American citizens, especially youth, should be made because climate action will not be taken if our citizens and lawmakers are largely unaware of the magnitude of the crisis.

I hope that as a movement we can change the “polar bear narrative” about climate. There is so much more at stake than our beautiful planet. Millions of people will be displaced from their homes due to climate disasters, die from working in the fossil fuel industry, and will lose everything.

The effects of the climate crisis are already apparent in today’s world, and while we fight against the crisis, we must not leave anyone behind.

—Anisa Nanavati (16 y/o), based in Florida, contributor to the forthcoming book The New Possible

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