Stressed? Doctors are Prescribing Time Outdoors, and this Supplement Can Bring the Outside In

It’s no secret that scent can influence mood. Actually, the olfactory system is one of the fastest ways to impact a cognitive state. That’s because scent has a direct line to three critical parts of the brain — areas associated with awareness, memory, and emotions and moods. And FOREST LUNGS, a unisex, anti-stress fragrance, is proving to be a handy shortcut if time is tight and you can’t squeeze in a trip to the woods on the way to work.

In consumer trials, the sensory supplement was found to reduce everyday stress and anxiety within just 30 minutes of use, and stress levels continued to drop over a 30-day period. Plus, since FOREST LUNGS was created by world-renowned perfumer Guillaume Flavigny with ingredients that are sustainably sourced in collaboration with local initiatives all over the world, it’s so much more than an innovative stress buster. Scent notes include, fittingly, wood, smoke, clean resin, and tart citrus.

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