Spirituality, Symbolism + Why You See Them

Spirituality, Symbolism + Why You See Them

Depending on the above meanings of seeing a blue jay, there are a few things you can do to heed their message and take action.

If you think your blue jay sighting could be related to feeling judged by yourself or others, Van says to release your own inner critic—and disregard the judgments of others. “If your mind isn’t speaking to you with patience, affirmation, and love, this is absolutely at the top of the list of things that the blue jay wants you to work on,” she says.

And as far as being judged by others, “If the critics are in the minority and you truly love what you’re doing,” she says, there’s no need to give their judgments any weight. “There are always going to be at least a few critics everywhere we go. The Universe designed you to be who you are and the world needs you to be that person, not who you think you need to be to please others,” Van explains, adding, “If you can recognize that this is what’s going on for you right now, the blue jay is very likely here to tell you that no matter how scary it is, it’s time to start being real.”

And lastly, blue jays encourage us to be confident and strong. If you don’t feel you’re being recognized in that way, Van suggests spending some time studying the people in your life who have the respect that you crave for yourself.

“Consider adopting some of their behaviors that resonate with you, but don’t try to force yourself to be someone that you do not inherently want to be—that never works out in the end,” she adds.

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