Sleep Recommendations By Age Group: Are You Getting Enough?

These AASM and SRS recommendations will suit most people. But as we’ve all surely experienced, there are all kinds of factors that influence how much sleep we might need on any given night.

And as Canadian researchers note in a 2018 paper on sleep duration, “there is no magic number or ideal amount of sleep to get each night that could apply broadly to all. The optimal amount of sleep should be individualized, as it depends on many factors.”

We all have that friend who’s fine with seven hours, and one who swears they need nine. It turns out that factors such as chronic illness, diet, and activity level, can all influence whether you need more or less sleep.

“What is most important is for each individual to get the amount of sleep they need,” naturopathic sleep doctor Catherine Darley N.D. tells mbg. “Sleep need is a bell curve.”

And while some of us will require less sleep than others, sleep deprivation is never a good thing. If you’re consistently getting less than seven hours of sleep, your body is likely suffering for it. There is also evidence that when it comes to sleep, consistency is key. Research shows people who get four hours of sleep or less on some nights and 10 hours or more on others experiences quicker mental decline than those who consistently get seven or more.

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