Should You Take CoQ10 In The Morning Or Night? Experts Answer

Currently, there’s no published research stating the exact time someone should take CoQ10 for optimal benefits. However, when considering how the body processes and responds to CoQ10, experts generally suggest the morning.  

Here’s why: As mentioned earlier, CoQ10 may have an energizing effect in some people.* This makes it more fitting for the A.M., when you’ve got things to do and places to be. Taking it earlier in the day can also help you avoid sleep disruption later, as a later dose may be counterproductive for sleep in some individuals, notes Gandhi. This is especially important to keep in mind if you’re already prone to restlessness at night. 

Plus, CoQ10 is best taken with food (more on that below). The morning offers a convenient opportunity to do just that, as you can take it with—or near—breakfast.

But of course, everyone is different, and there are some scenarios where taking CoQ10 at night might make more sense. For example, if CoQ10 doesn’t mess with your sleep quality, you can get away with a bedtime dose, says naturopathic physician Tricia Pingel, N.M.D. Or “if CoQ10 gives you an upset stomach when [taken] with food, [take] it at the end of the day” after you’re done eating, recommends Kelley. Side effects, such as stomach upset, are very rare with CoQ10 supplementation.

CoQ10 may interact with certain medications (e.g., blood pressure medications, because CoQ10 can also contribute to further blood pressure reduction). In this case, if you take said meds in the morning, “you may need to move CoQ10 to lunch or dinnertime,” notes Pingel. 

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