Rovectin Lotus Water Cream Review From A Beauty Editor

Rovectin Lotus Water Cream Review From A Beauty Editor

Like its name suggests, the main player here is lotus water extract—in fact, the star ingredient makes up 75% of the formula (you’ll see it listed as “nelumbo nucifera” on the ingredient label). This powerful ingredient is not only a wonderful hydrator, but it also has the ability to self-purify (it manages to bloom within murky, muddy waters). With these self-cleansing properties, many believe lotus flower extract can draw toxins out of your skin. 

What’s more, research has shown that lotus leaf extracts have impressive antioxidant and skin-smoothing capabilities. So in addition to providing moisture, the beloved ingredient may help soothe redness, protect from environmental aggressors, and even ease fine lines. Not bad for a gentle, sensitive skin-approved botanical. 

But enough about lotus: This water cream also features aquaxyl, a super hi-tech hydrator that can capture water and circulate it throughout the skin, keeping dehydration at bay. There’s also glycerin for even more moisture, panthenol to support the skin barrier, niacinamide to promote water retention, and allantoin to soothe inflammation. And in true water cream fashion, the texture is light and bouncy, making my skin appear instantly plump with moisture. 

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