Perfect Resistance Band and Diet Plan

Let’s face it, many of us had significant fitness goals in the gym before we had to stay home for the past four months. Now the neglect is making an appearance when we look at the mirror. The six-pack abs turned into six-pack rolls. There are many different tools for a home workout, but the resistance band is definitely one of the best. Here are some simple resistance band workouts that will strengthen your core, lose the stubborn fat, and maintain your new shape.

The Pre-workout Morning Meal

Three to four egg whites – Eating breakfast is essential. You want to make sure you start your day with food that is both high protein (to build your muscle) and low fat (to lose weight). According to research done by the laboratory of nutrition in Japan, “dietary egg-white protein increases body protein mass and reduces body fat mass.” Start your day simple, and make your belly to do the work for you.

Resistance Band Workouts for your Core

Plank Jax – 3 sets, 15 reps, 1-minute rest

  1. Put a resistant band on your ankles
  2. Go to a plank position
  3. Tighten your butt to straighten your core
  4. Separate your feet wide by jumping out
  5. Jump back in for your first rep

Ab crunch – 5 sets of 20 reps

  1. Put your resistant band in an elevated position. I like to use some kind metal door hook to grapple the band.
  2. Grab both ends of the resistant band
  3. Go down the kneeling position with your butt touching the back of your ankles.
  4. Crunch down towards the floor by bringing your forearms and head down to your knees.
  5. Go back up. That is one set.

Flutter kicks – 5 sets, 45-second reps, 30-second rest

  1. Put the resistant band on your ankles
  2. Lay down on your back.
  3. Put your arms behind your head to keep it elevated
  4. Lift one leg towards the wall and keep it straight.
  5. When you reached your maximum resistance, pull the leg down while lift the opposite leg.
  6. Keep the flow going until you reached 45 seconds.

Finish What You Started

Eating the right combination of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and minerals helps speed the process of rebuilding the used glycogen stores, as well as repairing muscle proteins.

Dietician Vanessa Voltolina, What Are the Best Foods to Eat After an Intense Workout?, Healthline

Just like the simple breakfast and workout routine, you want to keep a simple rule of thumb for lunch and dinner. Avoid ‘white’ foods – sugar (including fruits), rice, bread, cereal, pasta, cheese, dressing, bad snacks, and milk. Eat veggies, proteins, legumes, and condiments instead.

Resistance band workouts may take some getting used to, but resistance bands have definitely become one of our favorite tools. Gabrielle Kassel has an excellent article on if you’re looking for more resistance band tips. Keep checking back for more tips and workouts, or share your favorite in the comments below!

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