Ronnie Coleman’s 6 Rules for Getting Shredded

You can’t have striations without a proper diet, but don’t think for a moment that training is less important. Both are needed to make sure that your muscles are not obscured by layers of fat and that individual muscles are sufficiently developed to stand out in distinct relief from one another.

If you’re looking for tips on how to get muscular and vascular, then look no further than these tips from the 8-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman, aka “The King.” Ronnie made himself a legend through his training techniques that propelled him to a record-tying number of Olympia wins, shared with the legendary Lee Haney.

Ronnie didn’t win these by accident, or because he was up against lackluster competition (quite the opposite, actually). He became “The King” because of his tried-and-true training techniques that, to this day, have been shown to shed fat and increase muscularity.

“In the pursuit of striations, I emphasize training rather than diet,” Ronnie says. “From my years of experience, I’ve discovered that the following factors constitute the formula that will produce the highest quality of striated muscle in the shortest time.”

We’ve asked Ronnie to write down his top training techniques so that you, too, can be at your best. Odds are you probably won’t get to win the gold at the Mr. Olympia eight consecutive times, but you’ll certainly be turning heads as you walk down the street after incorporating these into your routine.

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