Research Finds 2 Factors That Can Increase Motivation To Exercise

It should be noted that after 12 weeks, partners on the app barely earned enough for a cup of coffee. So, it’s not like these are huge financial incentives. But—they seem to work.

“Even though it’s a very small reward,” says lead author of the study, Emma Pearson, “it does motivate people both to participate in the challenge and to achieve the challenge. Having a partner who shares the same aims and rewards builds on that incentive. It’s feeling connected with someone, having someone to hold them accountable.”

And in a time where gyms are once again closing to due COVID-19 restrictions, it’s important we all find ways to stay motivated. “When it’s more of a struggle getting people to get together and helping people improve their physical activity levels,” Pearson adds, “you can still connect virtually.”

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