Quick & Easy Turmeric Chicken Recipe From Milk Street Kitchen

Often, our favorite recipes are the simple ones—the sort of meal that, after cooking it once, you hardly need to look at the recipe to make it a second (or third, or fourth) time.

“This simple stir-fry is earthy and golden with turmeric and sweetened with honey that caramelizes and builds flavor,” writes Christopher Kimball in the introduction to this recipe, which appears in Milk Street’s latest cookbook Cookish: Throw It Together.

He also advises taking care when slicing the onions: Though you may be tempted to slice them thinner, you’ll want to aim for those ½-inch-thick pieces so they soften, but don’t completely lose their texture, when cooking.

We love cooking with turmeric because of its ability to help boost mood and support the immune system. And adding it to the chicken in this recipe makes for a colorful final dish that feels almost too fancy for a weeknight. But the best part? Start to finish, it should take only about 25 minutes.

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