Poor Grip Strength May Be A Mental Health Risk Factor, Study Says

As the study authors write: “This finding highlights the importance of focusing on multiple components of fitness and their associations with mental health.” They believe physical fitness could be an “objectively measurable indicator and a modifiable risk factor” for mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

Of course, considering the positive impact physical fitness can have on mental health, it’s not entirely surprising to see these associations. But it is interesting to specifically consider a lack of grip strength and cardiorespiratory fitness as possible risk factors, since there are actionable ways to improve both of these metrics.

As for cardiorespiratory fitness, incorporating more activities that elevate your heart rate, such as running, HIIT, jump rope, brisk walking, and swimming are great options. When it comes to grip strength, regular resistance training is key. You can also try specific grip-strengthening exercises, like squeezing a tennis ball or stress ball, hanging on a pull-up bar, or wringing out a towel with both hands can help.

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