Plant-Based, Ketogenic Eggnog Recipe To Make This Holiday Season

During the holiday season, most of my patients in my telehealth functional medicine clinic have the same question. They want to know what treats they can eat without derailing progress toward their health goals. And my answer always seems to surprise them.

There are actually a variety of substitutions and alternative recipes for almost all of the traditional holiday favorites. Plus, when made well with quality ingredients, most of my patients discover they actually enjoy these new versions even better than their old counterparts – and more importantly, they feel better afterwards.

One of my all-time favorites is eggnog. With a few simple swaps you can make a delicious homemade version that is also Ketotarian (my term for a clean, mostly plant-based keto way of eating). So next time you are craving the holiday classic, whip up this recipe instead. Ditching conventional sweeteners and adding in more brain– and metabolism-supporting fats like coconut milk and MCT oil may even help boost your energy during this season. Yes, I still include egg yolks in the recipe, since they can be a wonderful sources of beneficial omega fats and brain-supporting nutrients like choline

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