Paleo-Friendly Salmon & Sweet Potato Maple Skillet

You’ve heard of a sheet pan dinner, but what about a skillet dinner? Any one pot meal is a win if you ask us, and this new take on the concept is one we’re certainly going to be trying for ourselves—starting with this one-pan paleo-friendly salmon and sweet potato dish.

The sweet potatoes serve as both a vegetable option and a starchy component for the dish, which works well since sweet potatoes are packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, manganese, vitamin B6, magnesium, and potassium. For a protein source, salmon is lean and also a great source of coveted omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins.

As far as flavors goes, we may tend to think of maple as more of an all year thing—one we might just reach for more often in Autumn. Adding this natural sweetener to baked goods is something we’ve gotten quite used to, but adding it to dinner isn’t something we’ve necessarily thought of before. Luckily, it is something Christina Shoemaker thought of when putting together a whole variety of of one-pot cooks in Clean Paleo One-Pot Meals.

“For this particular recipe I wanted to play off of the natural sweetness of sweet potatoes,” she tells mindbodygreen, “I loved the idea of using maple syrup to really make everything taste indulgent and comforting.” With the sun setting sooner, a comforting recipe with minimal clean-up is a great option for the quickest route to a cozy evening in.

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