Our Favorite Home Design Tip Of 2020: Designate A “You” Zone

Before the pandemic even hit the U.S., interior designer Tobi Fairley wrote an article about the importance of let’s call it “functional zoning.” Beyond the typical designations of the bathroom, bedroom, and living area, Fairley recommended carving out little microclimates at home: A detox area to rest, an idea incubator to inspire creativity, a work area for productivity.

Flash forward to March and this suggestion became gospel for those of us quarantining at home. We all needed to deliberately designate space for work and play, exercise and relaxation.

The zone for resting and re-centering was arguably the most important—and that’s the one to lean into in the coming year.

Fairley referred to it as a self-care sanctuary. In her new Fundamentals of Tidying masterclass, organization icon Marie Kondo called it a power spot. Maybe in your home, it goes by “cool-down chair” or a “chill corner.” By any name, this space is where you go with the sole intention of doing something that fills you up—be it journaling, meditating, doodling, etc. Here’s how to make it:

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