Olympic Sprinter Allyson Felix Shares Her Training Schedule

Not only is Felix dedicated to her training schedule, she’s also diligent about her recovery routine. “For me, that looks like ice bathing after an intense session, doing foam rolling and massage stick, and stretching,” she says. “I make sure I’m really stretching before workouts, after workouts, and when I have time at home to really get into those muscles.”

On an active recovery day, Felix may go for a longer run—where she also keeps body preservation in mind. “During those road runs, I love using Dr. Scholl’s performance sizes-to-fit running insoles—they provide comfort, arch support, and are one other area where I can help prevent injury,” she says. “I see that as contributing to my recovery, as well.”

Felix is also sure to take one full day off, where she may get a chiropractic adjustment or massage. Beyond the physical recovery, though, these days also serve as a mental refresh. “The day I have off, I try to really have off. I’m not thinking about training, I’m not thinking about racing, I really try to let my mind rest,” she says. “It’s how I start my days as well, I have a gratitude journal and I just focus on unplugging from all of that work and intensity.”

What’s more, Felix takes a chunk of time off every season, which she says really helps. “I think that’s helped me have longevity [in the sport] and still feel excited about it,” she says. “It’s important to take a step back and have other things in life you enjoy—my family really helps with that.”

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