New Research Uncovers A Link Between DNA & Coffee Preferences

As the field of research for caffeine continues to expand, understanding these genetic variants for caffeine metabolism provides an opportunity to study the potential health benefits of this famous energizing phytonutrient way more precisely. 

“In classic epidemiology, we always have these issues of confounding,” says Cornelis. “We often assume that all heavy coffee drinkers present with similar characteristics, but we now know that they have genetic differences, and those genetic differences also contribute to how they consume their coffee.” After all, Cornelis adds, someone who drinks their coffee black may experience very different health outcomes than someone who drinks coffee filled with cream and sugar. 

A perhaps obvious distinction, but studies have yet to make that call: “Most of the research that we hear in popular media just talks about how coffee has been associated with this outcome, or it’s adversely associated with that outcome, but they don’t mention how the coffee is prepared—and that makes a difference,” Cornelis notes. 

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