New Research Points To Histamines As Potential Root Cause Of IBS

Of course, the team wanted to see if these results translated to humans, and long story short, they did.

When IBS patients had common food antigens injected into their intestines (gluten, soy, cow’s milk, etc.), the researchers observed the same localized immune response as they saw in the mice. It’s also worth noting that the research team had previously completed research that found blocking histamine improved symptoms for people with IBS.

Until now, these food intolerances haven’t been well understood, since they’re not seen as a typical food allergy. As gastroenterologist and lead author of the study, Guy Boeckxstaens Ph.D. explains in a news release, “At one end of the spectrum, the immune response to a food antigen is very local, as in IBS. At the other end of the spectrum is food allergy, comprising a generalized condition of severe mast cell activation, with an impact on breathing, blood pressure, and so on.”

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