My Easy Routine For Washing Cloth Diapers: A Step-By-Step Guide

My baby girl has opened up a whole new world to me. She has made me softer (literally and metaphorically!) and also gentler. Looking at her exploring the world makes me want to work even harder to make it a better place so that she can experience the joys of life without hardship.

Having a baby has also made me much more realistic about how I apply zero-waste principles to my life. It’s reminded me that there are things we can do every day and some things that might be just a bit too hard due to lack of sleep or time. And that’s okay.

Using cloth diapers is one simple planet-friendly switch that I have been able to stick with.

I started testing cloth diapers after learning that single-use, disposable ones take over 400 years to break down in landfills, leeching methane gas and contributing to the greenhouse effect in the process. Reusable diapers are the more planet-friendly (and affordable) option and I’ve found them to be relatively easy to use—and clean.

Here’s the down-and-dirty explanation of how I’ve been washing them:

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