Miranda Kerr’s 5 Best Beauty & Wellness Tips

There are several reasons why you might find yourself in awe of Miranda Kerr. Her credentials include, but are not limited to, model, mother of three, and beauty entrepreneur. Her brand KORA Organics, of which she’s the founder and CEO, is one of the most beloved in the natural space—known for both its efficacy, fresh aesthetic, and the wildly impressive fact that the ingredients are COSMOS Certified Organic

You may also find yourself in awe of Kerr because of, well, how good her skin looks. As a beauty editor, I’ve grown accustomed to being impressed by beauty founders’ glowing complexions: A not so incidental side effect of running a skin care company is that you amass a deep well of skin health knowledge. But Kerr’s? It’s really something.

Here, I spoke with her about what she does to keep looking vibrant, feeling grounded, and keep moving forward—even in the most uncertain of times. 

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