Mindful Feasting Is The Ultimate Act Of Self-Love. Here’s What It Looks Like

In 2020, we scaled back. We played it safe. We learned to appreciate the little things. And we’re not just talking about our relationships or our social interactions — we’re talking about our dinner plates.

After a year defined by all the things we were missing, it’s safe to say that we all deserve to exercise our right to self-love. So in 2021, we’re flipping the script to introduce a new approach to the way we eat — we call it mindful feasting. But what does it mean to “mindfully feast”? It means treating yourself to the foods that bring you joy, nourish you with the good stuff, and — most importantly — make your tastebuds sing. 

Preparing a meal at home that checks all these boxes can be quite the project. So we teamed up with Simple Feast to show you how their chef-designed, plant-based meal kits delivered right to your door make the whole process, well, simple. Still unclear on the fine art of mindful feasting? Here are some tips to remember:

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