mbg moves with CJ Frogozo: 8-Minute Glutes Burn Workout

Welcome to mbg moves! In 2020, we’ve been working out at home more than ever—and we know our readers are, too. To help keep your fitness routine feeling fresh, we’re releasing a new at-home workout every Monday, to start your week off strong. Each month will feature routines from a different incredible trainer we adore. Now, let’s get moving with our first trainer spotlight: CJ Frogozo. 

Most of us are sitting *a lot* these days. That’s why I created this three-move workout that will not only get you moving, but also activate the back of your body and bring some blood flow back to that thing you’ve been sitting on all day (yep, I’m talking about your butt). This sequence is also great for bringing mobility back to your hip joints, and providing some efficient cardio.

Not feeling the mountain climbers? No problem. Just lay on your back with soles of feet together (supta badhakonasana), for a more restorative ending.  

Your 4-week challenge: This workout is Part 3 of my monthlong series (see my lower-body blast and cardio burst). I challenge you to keep doing more movement sessions each week (keep an eye out for a new workout every Monday), so by the end of the month, you’re doing my 8-minute workouts three to four times weekly. Trust me; I think you’ll feel a lot better in your body.

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