mbg Action Week Is Back


Few industries have taken a hit this year like the restaurant industry. To kick off the week, treat yourself to some takeout fare from a local haunt—whether it’s the corner place you’ve been to a million times, or a that “I always pass it but have never been inside” spot that’s been on your list for years.

These local spots are what give your neighborhood that extra bit of flair and personality, and it’s people like you who can help these businesses through difficult times.

Naturally, the easiest way to show them some love this holiday season is to frequent their businesses on a more regular basis. But to ensure that they get the most out of your patronage, opt for pick-up instead of delivery from your favorite app. While these apps are super convenient, many take a percentage of sales from each order, which means less profit for small restaurants. Additionally, if the restaurant offers them, consider purchasing and paying with gift cards. Doing so provides the business with more immediate cash flow, even if you choose to dine at a later date.
Over near mbg HQ, there’s a little Medi spot around the block that we’ll be heading to today to show our support. Their vegan mezze platter pairs perfectly with something warm and zesty, like a cup of Yogi® Mango Ginger tea.

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