Kosas’ New Revealer Foundation Is A Concealer Hack In A Bottle

I’ll be honest: I don’t love to wear foundation. I’d much rather stick to a tinted sunscreen or dabble in the concealer-as-foundation hack for more coverage (I, too, am a fan of the Kosas concealer for this). But I was surprised at how comfortable the Revealer Foundation felt on my skin—one pump was all it took to provide a veil of even coverage, and it didn’t feel like I had makeup on at all. 

Like its concealer counterpart, Revealer Foundation offers a creamy, medium coverage that instantly fuses to your complexion. No stiff, patchy makeup here: Thanks to the ultrafine powder crystals suspended in the liquid formula, the foundation helps smooth out texture without sacrificing the natural warmth and dimension of the skin. Essentially, your skin will have an even base but still look, well, alive—even without a quick contour to add back in some depth. (That’s where the “Revealer” range gets its name, as it lets your skin breathe.)  

And like many high-quality foundations, this makeup doesn’t just sit on your skin; it also includes ingredients that improve skin texture and tone over time. Kosas founder Sheena Yaitanes even calls it a “high skin affinity” foundation. “It wants to belong on your skin,” she says during a Zoom event with the brand.

Just like the cult-favorite concealer, you’ll find caffeine to brighten, panthenol to soothe, and hyaluronic acid to plump the skin with hydration. But Revealer Foundation includes a few extra skin care MVPs, like niacinamide to fade dark spots and balance oil production; arnica to calm irritation; peptides to cushion the skin barrier; and artemisia flower extract for antioxidant protection. 

Those hydrating, barrier-supporting ingredients are especially important if, like me, your makeup is prone to flaking off midday. I can attest this foundation is practically winter-proof (and mask-proof! Absolutely no transfer!): The lightweight, creamy texture stayed put all day long, even on drier areas like my cheeks and around my nose

Last but certainly not least: The foundation boasts SPF 25 from non-nano zinc oxide. I’ll liken it to a tinted sunscreen that offers a bit more coverage—you should still apply your usual SPF product underneath (a nickel-size amount of foundation, the recommended amount of sunscreen for your face, is quite a lot of product), but it provides a nice layer of extra protection. 

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