Keto & Mediterranean Friendly Salmon With Brussel Sprouts

When it comes to popular diets, there’s two that get a whole lotta buzz: the Mediterranean diet and the ketogenic diet. And this recipe from Chef Michael Silverstein’s new cookbook, New Keto Cooking, blends the two in this simple dish.

The cookbook was inspired by his own experience using the ketogenic diet to reach a healthy weight: in a year, he lost 80 pounds. Silverstein says the key to his weight loss wasn’t strict dieting, but cooking food he truly enjoyed within the keto diet parameters—like the recipes in the book.

“This bright and sunny dinner is loaded with lemon and herbs for a fresh take on roasted salmon,” he writes, “The Mediterranean flavors really pack a punch, and this beautiful dish is full of healthy fats and nutrients.”

And while cooking every night was an important part of Silverstein’s healthy lifestyle changes, that doesn’t mean he wanted complex cooking every night (and neither do we). That’s why he says “The best part is it’s a sheet pan meal that you can just toss in the oven. Easy enough for any day of the week.”

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