Kendall Jenner Gets Her Glow With A DIY Avocado Face Mask

Jenner certainly isn’t the first to swear by avocado’s beauty benefits—it’s been used on the skin for centuries, due to its impressive vitamin profile. Specifically, avocados boast vitamins A, C, E, K, B, and folate, which can help stave free radicals and manage photodamage on the skin. Plus, the fatty-acids feed the skin with moisture and keep it smooth. (Something else to note: It’s worth it to slather on the whole fruit in addition to, say, a cold-pressed avocado oil, since oils lose water-soluble vitamins B and C during the extraction process). 

Her concoction also features raw honey (she uses Beekeeper’s Naturals B.Powered, which also includes bee propolis—aka, the antibacterial bee sap with a variety of benefits), as well as oats for their anti-inflammatory avenanthramides and hydrating properties. Finally, she tops off the recipe with a few drops of lavender essential oil—research shows it can calm irritated skin when used topically, but you can always sub in your own EO du jour or leave them out entirely if you’re sensitive to potent oils.

Here’s the full breakdown, if you’re curious: 

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