July 2022 Monthly Horoscope From The AstroTwins

July 2022 Monthly Horoscope From The AstroTwins

With the karmic north node in conservative Taurus (an earth sign that rules the economic markets and material goods) and the south node in Scorpio (which rules investments, violence, and the body’s reproductive system), these events sadly do track with astrology. 

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have a say in our future or the power to influence the outcome of humankind. Let’s not forget that we have more options besides suffering, helpless outrage, and denial. With outspoken Jupiter, wounded healer Chiron and (until July 5) fire starter Mars in Aries, 2022 is a year that we have to (mindfully) fight and raise our voices. Because, well, it’s gotten real. 

Our suggestion for navigating these reactive times? Learn about the four pillars of nonviolent communication—a practice that allows you to express your feelings and needs without blame or criticism, then to offer the same in return to the other party—also known as compassionate communication. We can all (present company included) benefit from even the smallest use of this technique.

Reader, thanks for allowing us to make these statements. We’re sometimes asked why we “politicize astrology” (i.e., practice the longtime art of mundane astrology). Our answer is this: The Earth is one of the planets, and as above, so below. The events of our lives on this spinning orb are affected by the energies of our neighboring heavenly bodies, and it’s our duty as astrologers to report on them. While we try to take a 30K-foot view, certain events can’t be approached from a totally neutral place (we’re humans, not aliens…at least, as far as we know). And luckily, the Gemini/Sagittarius nodal cycle has ended, making us feel a bit safer to voice an opinion.

So, what’s happening in July specifically, you ask? Here are the July monthly horoscope highlights…

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