January Monthly Horoscope From The AstroTwins

It all begins on January 6, when activator Mars makes a much-needed sign change, leaving its home base of Aries after an extended six-month visit that’s been heating up egos, tempers, and passions since June 27. Mars will settle into Taurus until March 3. Meantime, Uranus will rouse from a five-month retrograde on January 14, continuing its carnival ride through Taurus until 2026.

These two volatile planets will even merge in a conjunction this January 20, spurring impulsive moves and even violent outbreaks. Given that this is Inauguration Day in the U.S., we admit that we’re a little nervous about a Mars-Uranus conjunction, especially in strident Taurus. Protests are already to be expected, but this combo could bring more plot twists. Stay safe, friends.

As Mars and Uranus each make a procession of squares with the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn over the next couple of months, we’re left with an unbearable tension: Should we blast off into the stratosphere…or handle pressing matters on the mundane plane? Be happy with what we’ve got or push for more technology and development?

The Jupiter-Uranus square of January 17 is especially crucial, since these planets only butt heads this way every seven years (look back to 2014 for clues of what could arise!).

The reason this struggle is so palpable and pivotal is because both Saturn and Taurus are known for defending the “way things are,” for resisting change and conducting cautious due diligence before signing on any dotted lines. 

On the flip side, Uranus and Aquarius are change agents, rushing into radical rebellion and reform, ready to throw out the baby with the bathwater that Saturn and Taurus are still contentedly soaking in.

To complexify things, both Uranus and Saturn are the astrological “rulers” of Aquarius—which explains why this sign can be both incredibly Type A (Saturn) and a total rule-breaker (Uranus).

In astrology, Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius, while Saturn is its classical ruler, assigned prior to Uranus’ discovery by siblings William and Caroline Herschel’s telescope in 1781. It’s a debate many armchair astrologers have had for ages, and likely will continue to bicker about until the galaxy implodes. (In our universe, we’re fine just letting this “co-parenting” situation be what it is. It’s 2021 and well, even in the cosmos, #ItsComplicated.)

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