Jane Goodall Talks COVID, Conservation & Staying Hopeful

Watching younger generations speak out against climate change keeps Goodall hopeful that her work won’t be in vain. “My main hope lies in the energy and commitment of young people around the world. Once they understand the problems and are empowered to take action, my job is to encourage them and give them hope that together we can turn things around.”

She’s doing so with her Roots & Shoots organization, which educates the next generation about how to enact positive change at any age, and a new collaboration with Crate & Kids, which brings the natural world home with lush bedding, rugs, and furniture that’s inspired by her famous adventures.

“I was born loving animals and spent a good deal of time outside watching birds and squirrels and insects. And I took twigs with buds into my room and watched the leaves emerge,” she says, adding that she hopes the new collection evokes a similar sense of curiosity and wonder in kids around the globe. “We hope that children will be inspired to learn about these things firsthand, whenever this is possible… When you love nature and animals, you want to protect them.”

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