Is White Vinegar Or Apple Cider Vinegar Better For Cleaning?

According to Harris, white vinegar is your best bet for cleaning. “For one thing, it’s not colored,” she notes, “so you can use it on any surface—I wouldn’t use ACV on a carpet, for example.”

Plus, white vinegar is slightly more acidic, making it a stronger cleaner. And though it’s not a true disinfectant, white vinegar does have antimicrobial properties.

“ACV has a lot of benefits, especially health wise,” Harris adds, she says, “but when it comes to using it as a cleaner, I prefer white.” The one advantage ACV has over white vinegar is the scent; Harris notes once the initial smell fades, it leaves a pleasant sweet scent. You don’t get that with white vinegar, but you can always add some essential oils to help mitigate that.

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