Hyaluronic Acid Supplements Can Help Dry Skin Says Research

There’s a difference between skin feeling tight—as in, firm and lifted—versus skin that’s just down right dry and dehydrated. The former feels supple and bouncy. The latter is uncomfortable, irritated, itchy, and maybe even painful. Overtime, tight skin may create microcracks in the skin, scaly patches, or flake off. Not ideal, to say the least.

It can happen with age—our epidermis experiences more moisture loss as we get older—but it can also happen from having naturally dry skin or due to your environment, like if you live in cold weather. 

The most common solution people reach for is a richer cream, as they should. Dense lotions with occlusive properties help create a seal around your barrier, trapping in moisture underneath. (Think of these like lush blankets, keeping skin coddled throughout the day and night.) But that film does a whole lot of nothing if you don’t have water in the dermis to begin with. 

That’s when we advise turning to supplementation. And while there are plenty of supplement options to keep your skin soft, one many overlook is hyaluronic acid.

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